My Top 10 Favourite Makeup Products!

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        1. Lunar Beauty’s (Manny MUA’s) Life’s a Drag Palette: I’ve only had this palette for about a month but it has quickly become my FAVOURITE eyeshadow palette ever! It is the perfect palette for travelling or for people who can’t afford to have loads of palettes. It has 14 shades with 21g of product (2 metallics and 12 mattes). Whether it’s a bold ass look or neutral everyday look you’re going for this palette will be your best friend! Every shade is so pigmented and blendable ranging from the perfect matte white to metallic gold to bright purple, this palette has it all! I’ve had so much fun creating such a diverse range of looks with this palette and there is so much amazing inspo all over Instagram and Youtube that you can create an endless amount of looks! The packaging is SO BEAUTIFUL and the dual ended brush (blending and packing brush) is super handy if you don’t have many brushes or for travel!
        2. Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar: This was one of the first vegan beauty products I bought after going vegan! I’ve had this palette for nearly two years and it still plays a part in my everyday makeup routine! For only 6 quid this palette is a must have for any makeup addict especially those who are beginners! I used this palette to learn how to contour, blush and highlight and it’s still one of my faves! This palette consists of 2 highlights, 4 blushes and 2 contours. I’ve hit pan on the lighter contour shade, the blushes are so beautiful and the white shimmery highlight shade is so blinding! I tend to go for the purpley blush and browny/purple shimmery blush the most as the yellowy/brown shade is too dark for me and the pink shade is too light for my skin and just washes me out. The other 2 shades I alternate between every time I do my makeup! The formula is really easy to work with and it’s buildable depending on how intense or subtle you want your makeup to be! 
        3. Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray: This is another product that I have been using religiously for the past two years. It helps keep my makeup in place all day and it’s so good when you spray it on a packing brush when you’re applying metallic shades to your lids, it literally brings out the pigment soooo much! It dries really quick as well so you don’t have that wet look for more than a few seconds! It’s also amazing for intensifying your highlight! I always use it when I’m applying highlight to my inner corners and brow bone! It brightens my eyes so much and it really makes my highlight pop! It also only costs a fiver and it lasts for months so it’s such a good investment if you’re on a budget!
        4. Spectrum Collection 12 Piece Siren Brush Set and Roll: After seeing so much hype about these brushes on Youtube and in makeup groups I finally took the plunge and invested in a set when they were on sale just before Christmas! I’m so glad I did because these brushes are AMAZING! They are so soft and long lasting! I have been using them literally every single time I apply makeup for the past 7-8 months and they are still so soft! My makeup skills have improved so much since using these brushes as they blend product so well and there’s literally a brush for everything in this set! The packaging and the brushes themselves are also SO BEAUTIFUL having a mermaid/beachy vibe! However, the flat contour brush (CO2) head has started to come loose so I reckon the glue has worn a bit and the writing on some of the brushes have faded a bit but other than that they’re perfect! The only other complaint I have is that large fluffy shader brush (AO6) is a bit too big of a brush to use for packing on shadow to the lids so I tend to use either the Lunar Beauty packing brush or a Studio London packing brush as they are a better fit for my lid :)
        5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks: These lippies have been my OBSESSION for nearly two years! At first I thought some of the shades were a bit too crazy but the more I fell in love with the brand and the more creative and brave I became with my makeup looks I ended up falling IN LOVE with his bold shades! In general these liquid lippies are really easy to apply with their doe foot applicator and the applicator is the perfect length providing maximum control! One swatch usually covers my entire lips. They are drink proof and are relatively good at being resistant to foods that aren’t super greasy/oily! They are also transfer proof and dry completely matte! Some shades do require a bit more work in order to give a fully opaque streak free look and some shades such as Rich Blood and I’m Royalty bleed more and are not as transfer proof as others. I love the diversity of the shades there is literally a shade for everyone whether you love a nude lip, super pink or a more bold lip Jeffree has something for you! Some of his lippies have a root beer scent and he also has some beautiful metallic shades such as Pussy Whipped, Poinsettia and Candyass! I love the names and the story behind them and how every collection comes with  it’s own unique packaging! I also love how you can mix shades to give you your own custom look! I particularly love mixing Weirdo and Drug Lord to create a petrol blue shade! I don’t think I could pick a favourite it really just depends on my mood but I think I’ll always have a soft spot for Unicorn Blood as it was the first JStar lippy I ever purchased and I still love it to this day
        6. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost: Jeffree’s highlights are my all time fav! They come in a compact with a mirror with 15g of product and they last forever! Ice Cold was one of my first highlights and the only one I’ve hit pan with, yet I still have loads of product left but don’t worry I have a back up Ice Cold ready for when I completely finishes it! ;) I use Ice Cold pretty much whenever I do my makeup! I always apply it to my inner corners and brow bone with my Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray. It’s such a beautiful shade the name describes it perfectly it’s an ice white highlight which is easily buildable and super pigmented or you can add fixing spray to really make it pop if you’re like me and love an intenese blinding highlight! It really opens up my eyes and looks really good in contrast to my strong eye makeup. I also LOVE the shade King Tut! I tend to reach for this shade most often as it brings a lovely warmth too my face yet isn’t too dark on my pale skin! King Tut has a very similar formula to Ice Cold, it’s super pigmented and blinding! I really like Neffree’s formula as it’s super buttery and is also really pigmented and blinding. It’s like the far better version of Princess Cut which sadly I ended up reselling as it just wasn’t pigmented enough for me, wasn’t buildable even with fixing spray it wasn’t intense enough for me! Some other lovely formulas are: Peach Goddess, Siberian Gold, Lavender Snow, Mint Condition, Deep Freeze (I don’t really reach for Mint Condition or Deep Freeze much though but they work well as an eyeshadow!), Dark Horse (which is too dark for my skin tone so I tend to use it more as an all over face and body bronzer to give me a bit of a warm glow when I’m going on a night out! :)). My least favourite formulas would be Uranus, Eclipse and Princess Cut :( So F****** Gold’s formula is also pretty good I just tend to gravitate more towards King Tut or Siberian Gold :)
        7. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrubs: I always exfoliate my lips with one of Jeffree’s Lip Scrubs before applying my lippy of choice! I find it really helps prep my lips for my lippy so that the lippy applies smoothly and evenly and my lips aren’t dry, flaky or cracked looking. They are edible too and the majority of the scrubs taste AMAZING but he has a few which taste more like Vaseline! My current fav is is Marshmallow! I also LOVE Blue Raspberry Sucker but unfortunately because it tasted and smelt soooo good it didn’t last very long so I need to invest in a new one! Jeffree’s scrubs are infused with Jojoba and Grapeseed Oil which help to hydrate your lips :)
        8. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:  This is one of the best concealers I’ve ever used and what’s even better is that it’s a drugstore brand so it’s super affordable! I use this concealer on my under eye area and I also use it to cover up any spots or acne scarring. It gives a really full coverage, is long lasting and it doesn’t set in your creases it leaves your skin looking nice and dewy! For only just over 4 quid it’s definitely worth trying and it’s also good for those of you who are on a budget!
        9. Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner: This is a must have for anyone who uses makeup brushes regularly! I’ve been using this brush cleaner for close to 2 years now! It lasts so well, I’m only on my second tub! It’s really easy to use too you just wet the ends of your brush and then swirl your brush in the tub it will then bubble up, then just swirl the brush in your hand to remove any makeup residue and rinse and repeat until the brushes are fully clean! Then just leave your brushes to dry at a downward angle to prevent the water from going up into the glue and loosening your brush handles! I usually roll a towel up and rest the brush handles on the rolled up bit. Your brushes will be pretty much fully dry in the morning and ready to use again! What’s great about this product is that it is antibacterial so you know it’s giving your brushes a deep clean which will help to prevent you breaking out if you clean your brushes regularly!
        10. It was actually harder than I thought to narrow it down to just 10 products so I thought for number 10 I’d just list and briefly discuss some other products I love! I really enjoy using the Sleek Makeup Face Form Contour! It’s perfect for my skin tone and it’s really easy to work with giving a really natural finish! I started using this after hitting pan on my Golden Sugar Contour and it’s lasted me well over a year! I don’t reach for the highlight or blush at all to be honest as the highlight isn’t pigmented enough for me and the blush is too orange for my skin tone. I love the W7 Very Vegan Mascara it’s super black and it gives my lashes a dramatic and lengthened look! It’s starting to clump a bit now since I’ve had it for months and it’s due a replacement but this has only been a recent problem so I think it’s just because the product is running out but it’s usually really easy to work with and it doesn’t smudge! If you’re looking for more affordable makeup brushes then I’d really recommend Studio London! My lovely friend Antonia bought me their eye makeup brushes for Christmas and I love them! They are really soft, even after washing them loads they’re still perfect and they blend shadows so easily (I can’t find an exact link to the set I got but I will update this once I find it!). If you’re looking for more 
        11. drugstore friendly highlighters then I’d highly recommendMakeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter- Golden Lights!It’s buildable and is pretty pigmented and is only $5!I Heart Revolutionalso do some lovely affordable highlighters and apparently their blushes are lovely but I’ve yet to try them!Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Spongeis my all time favourite beauty blender! I usually dampen it with either fixing spray or water before applying my Kat Von D Lock it Foundation and it applies it so beautifully, giving a full coverage and dewy appearance! I usually get at least 1-3 months out of these sponges so they’re pretty affordable too! I loveJeffree Star’s Beauty Killer and Androgyny Palettes, Makeup Obsessions single eyeshadows and ColourPop Super Shock Shadows!Lastly I’ll briefly mention my favourite foundations!Kat Von D Lock it Foundationis beautiful if you love a full coverage yet natural looking foundation! 2 pumps covers my entire face and it literally lasts all day with no need for touch ups! I have sensitive skin which can sometimes be a bit acne prone but other than that it’s relatively normal. It never really gets overly dry unless it’s really cold it might get a bit dry around my mouth and it never gets oily! I also LOVE theFenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation! I would say this has more of a medium coverage but it is buildable to a full coverage! I find that this foundation works best with the Spectrum B01 Buffing Foundation Brush giving it a fuller more flawless coverage! When I tried using my Real Techniques sponge it seemed to just absorb the product and I was using so much product without getting any coverage! I still find I use more product when using Fenty compared to KVD but I do think the finished look is a bit more natural and airbrushed so I guess it just depends on what look you’re after! Maybe I’ll go back to KVD now that it’s winter and use Fenty in the summer or alternate between the two who knows! Both foundations have lasted me a good 5 months whereas pre vegan I used Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and it only ever lasted me around a month so they are definitely worth the investment if you can afford it! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Let me know if there’s anything from point 10. That you would like me to discuss in more detail and I’ll happily make another blog post and I can even make videos swatching products, reviewing, q & a’s and whatever else you’d like! :)

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