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Moo is the first animal who Ross and I have rescued which is so exciting as it is the start of our Happy Hooves dream! As many of you will know our dream is to have our own animal sanctuary where we give both “farm” animals and “domestic” animals a second chance at life and a warm and loving home! We want all animals to experience love, safety, trust and to feel comfy enough to show us their personalities! We also hope to raise awareness of veganism and of all the cruelty animals undergo in industries such as meat, dairy, egg, racing to name just a few!


Moo was surrendered to SABBR (Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue) back in March 2018. Moo was very underweight, scared, had mastitis and seems to have a skin allergy too. Moo’s hair doesn’t grow underneath her collar or under her armpits which suggests that she spent a lot of time tied up. Moo has since been desexed since joining the SABBR family and they think that Moo Moo had a litter of puppies but we don’t know what happened to them or if she even got to see them, poor thing! Moo does not get along well with other dogs or cats. We think she may not have been socialised much if at all before joining SABBR. Moo gets very worked up, pulls us towards other dogs and barks. Moo is currently on medication to help with her skin’s itchiness and is also on an elimination diet to try to find the cause of her itchy and irritated skin, particularly on her legs and lower back.


Moo’s first foster family had other dogs which she did not get along with and apparently kept going for them so she was moved after 3 days to her lovely foster mummy Jodi! Jodi loves Moo so much! When she came to drop Moo off to us she had at least 4 bags of food, medication, toys, treats, bed, blanket, food and water bowl you name it, all for Moo! It took Moo 3 days to feel comfortable enough to enter Jodi’s house. Jodi also took Moo to the vet where she got given advice on Moo’s skin. Moo used to be afraid of the car as she associated it with going to the vets but Jodi took Moo on lots of adventures for different walks and now she loves it!


Moo likes to be around people or she gets quite upset, she likes to know where her humans are all of the time! Moo doesn’t seem to know how to play with toys such as balls so we don’t think she played much as a puppy either.


Ross and I fostered Moo on Wednesday the 4th of July 2018. Moo appears to be a 2 year old American Staffy crossed with some type of Mastiff, possibly Cane Corso? We don’t know for sure but what we do know is that she is such a beautiful girl! She has the most unusual yellow eyes, tiger stripe pattern, a wrinkly forehead and as we like to call them big jiggly jaws!


When Jodi dropped Moo to our home she was very friendly and cuddly yet a bit timid. Her tail was curled between her legs. Eventually with the encouragement of her previous foster mummy Moo came into our flat! Later that day Moo was sitting on the couch and on the bed tucking her head under my arm for snuggles.


Moo loves having her head and neck rubbed but sometimes after waking from a nap she can be quite sensitive to her lower back, legs and tummy being touched. We are not sure if this is from her desexing, mastitis and allergies or if it’s more that she just doesn’t expect it and gets a fright. Moo loves lying on our legs when she’s resting but gets quite grumpy if we reposition and disrupt her sleep!


Moo is still unsure about entering her new home but is perfectly comfy once inside and is happy to go outside! We have been working on this by encouraging her to come inside for her dinner or for some peanut butter or banana which she loves! Moo is happy to come in and out of the house if she knows she is going for a walk as she likes to make sure you’re getting ready to come with her! According to Jodi Moo also loves apples without the skins which we have yet to try! She won’t eat potatoes unless they are cooked, she’s such a fussy and spoilt furbaby!

Moo is completely toilet trained and will sit and the door and sometimes whinge to let you know that she needs to go to the loo! She doesn’t like to go to the toilet by herself and needs either Ross or I to walk to the grass with her.

Moo is very sensitive to new sounds and sometimes even new people! She will bark and become very distressed if she hears things such as a siren, the boiler, a door banging or if she sees someone new. We have been working on this by reassuring her that she is safe, giving her lots of cuddles, shushing her and giving her some peanut butter or banana when she settles and this seems to be working really well! Moo is getting used to all the new sounds and does not bark when she hears a siren. She is more comfortable meeting people on the lead possibly since she knows we are in control and she trusts that we will only take her to someone safe.


Moo can bark and get distressed upon meeting a new person but once she gets used to them and they remain calm she is all snuggles! Funnily enough, Moo met both of my brothers for the first time on Friday the 6th of July and she didn’t show any signs of distress! Ross waited with Moo while I went to let my brothers in and she met them inside our flat. I had discussed Moo’s quirks to my brothers before they met her so they knew to remain calm and to put their hand out for her to sniff before giving her a fuss and it worked so well! Moo was all cuddles and was even licking Daragh’s face and alternating between Dar and Jay for cuddles! She was so sad when they left!


Moo LOVES going for walks. She happily lets us put on her harness and her lead before going! We think she likes it so much as she feels safer when we have her on her lead and that her harness offers her an extra sense of security. Moo’s face completely lights up when it’s time to go for walkies! She even jumps up and down when it’s time to get her ready to go! Moo can wake anywhere between 6am and 7am for a walk. Once she’s up she’s up and she will whine until you get up and get ready to take her for a big morning walk! Moo has a habit of pulling on the lead when we go out first which we think is because she’s so over stimulated and excited! There’s just too much to see! We have been working on this by stopping once she pulls and getting her to sit and wait so she can calm herself down and of course she gets rewarded with treats! We also try to keep calm when we approach other dogs and keep walking but if Moo becomes really stimulated we will stop and hold Moo by her harness and give her lots of cuddles to settle her! We’ve also been reinforcing shushing and Moo gets rewarded with a treat for not barking!


Moo loves to roll around in the grass too, she is definitely at her happiest when she is out exploring! Moo’s road sense is spot on! She will sit at junctions and patiently waits until you tell her it’s ok to walk on. She even looks left and right, clever girl! Moo goes for two big walks every day one first thing in the morning and another in the late afternoon before she has her dinner, this settles Moo for the evening and helps her to sleep through the night. Moo loves to go for a snooze once she’s had her food after her walks!


We have only had Moo for four nights but she has made so much progress! It feels like we’ve had her for ages! She is becoming so snuggly, her cheeky personality is starting to shine, she is getting better on the lead and when she hears new sounds and is getting more confident coming inside! Moo has not had any interest in adoption as of yet and was with her previous foster mummy for 3 months so we think we will have Moo long term and are so excited to see how much her confidence grows and how much she progresses! If Ross gets his second year visa and we are in the financial position to adopt Moo then, of course, we would love to! We hope to either eventually adopt Moo or for us to be her last foster family before she goes to her furever home! We would hate for Moo to have to adjust to another new environment and become anxious and timid when she is just starting to settle in.

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